Brain Injury Association of Delaware Conference 2015

Halloween 1973 Amy In Wilminton Hospital out of ICU

The Brain Injury Association of Delaware Sponsored it’s yearly Conference on March 12, 2015 in Dover, DE  “Joined Voices; Shared Journeys the Brain Injury Experience” I was honored to attend and also be asked to speak at a Break Out Group. I was also fortunate enough to be sharing the group with an amazing woman Barb Murray who has a closed group for Mothers of Miracles (M.O.M.)  on Facebook. Her Group is only for moms who are giving care to their children who are Survivors and at home. She is one of the many parents doing this very thing across America. She and her family; Mike and Paula ( a survivor)  are an inspiration to many. They are Advocates in this incredible journey and battle that we all face. I really applaud them and admire their positive attitude, strength, and humility. They are glue that holds our Sussex County TBI group together.

I have only known about the Brain Injury Association since 2011, I was so amazed to have discovered it and thrilled it existed that I began  writing emails to their Director at the time. I then wrote an article in their Brain Storming, News Letter it was about Care Takers and even though I am not one, I believed I had a unique perspective about my own Caretakers as a Survivor. My family and mom were just incredibly supportive of anything I wanted to do and they let me fail; which is something we as a society don’t want people with disabilities to do. Those failures and many successes taught me amazing  things.

The Brain Injury Association of America is a National Organization so if you need assistance in your Sate please find them on the web. Many States if not all have an affiliated office, so look in your state for resources and there are a plethora through their website  even if your own state doesn’t have what you need.

I want to continue to thank my Readers for following me and my journey and to the Survivors and the Family members, I want to say,” Don’t give up the fight!” , I have seen what I would have to call Miracles, People who are here and it is amazing they are surviving and living well;  because of the injuries they sustained. Yes they like everyone with a TBI struggle, but they are fighters like I have never seen the likes of.  The families they are passionate  about their kids and want the best and are sometimes so frustrated by the system and the lack of resources but they keep fighting; they never seem to give up. You just have to admire them. I certainly do.

My family always told me as a Child, “Never say Never!” and the word” Can’t” soon wasn’t in my vocabulary.   Believe you can, even when it seems it’s not possible and you’ll amaze yourself! Trust ME.

BIA of Delaware Conference 2015  Agenda

BIA of Delaware Conference 2015 Agenda

Amy Speaking at BIA Conference 2015 "Being Inspired Through Blogging"

Amy Speaking at BIA Conference 2015
“Being Inspired Through Blogging”

Barb Murray Speaking at BIA Conference 2015

Barb Murray Speaking at BIA 2015 Conference about her Facebook Support Group Moms of Miracles., M.O.M.

Break Out Session #3

Amy L. Kratz and Barb Murray speaking about Online Support and Inspiration for Survivors of TBI and Care Givers of Survivors.



Live Life so you never have to say," I should have..." I have lived like this, because at age 9, I was brutally beaten while walking to school and acquired a head injury with a seizure disorder and a lifetime of recovery. I live in spite of what everyone believed I would become. You wouldn't know any of this if you saw me or spoke to me. we are some of the many anonymous people living with disabilities in the world. I am a writer and an avid observer of the human condition and I have found that people with TBI are some of the most misunderstood and under funded groups of people with disabilities, I want to change that. I have advocated for people's rights for most of my life years in the human service field and I'm trying to make a difference through education. I hope to inspire people to live well against all odds and the status quo. Be Unique and be who you are and not who others want you to be. Be FREE!
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  1. Barb Murray says:

    Amy thank-you for this wonderful journey of yours to follow! You have been a huge asset to our Sessex Co. support group with your encouragement and help to other survivors, we all love your humor and witty personality! Your a true SURVIVOR!


    • Barb, You are welcome. I Live every day knowing it is a precious gift. I try to make the most of my time. I thank you for all of your strength and support. And also for following my blog. I love knowing that people are benefitting from my story.


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