Snow In Lewes February 1974

Snow In Lewes February 1974

This was my First Snow after coming home from the Hospital and we were walking the same route I took where I was abducted and beaten. But I was not afraid. When I found this picture years ago I thought how odd we would be right next to that Marsh and not think much about it. It was just a Great day of fun in the snow. They put me on a sled and dragged me up Market Street, we are in Beebe Hospital parking lot. We were going to see Grammy who worked at Edghill Pharmacy at the soda fountain. All of us ready for Hot Chocolate. Funny the details that all come streaming back when looking at photos. We had such a good day, a snowball fight, snow angels and a good brisk walk. Boy those were the days.

In the Picture Left to Right: Holly, Aunt Arden, Mom and me. Aunt Mickey is taking the picture and throwing Snowballs.


Live Life so you never have to say," I should have..." I have lived like this, because at age 9, I was brutally beaten while walking to school and acquired a head injury with a seizure disorder and a lifetime of recovery. I live in spite of what everyone believed I would become. You wouldn't know any of this if you saw me or spoke to me. we are some of the many anonymous people living with disabilities in the world. I am a writer and an avid observer of the human condition and I have found that people with TBI are some of the most misunderstood and under funded groups of people with disabilities, I want to change that. I have advocated for people's rights for most of my life years in the human service field and I'm trying to make a difference through education. I hope to inspire people to live well against all odds and the status quo. Be Unique and be who you are and not who others want you to be. Be FREE!
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  1. Gail says:

    Love the picture and the warm memories from it! Grammy is my daughter Sarah’s Great Grandmother and she was such a part of Lewes life! Funny how one life touches another isn’t it? Keep up the writing Amy!


    • When I speak of Grammy I am speaking of Isabelle Nagy my grandmother. I don’t know if we are speaking of the same person. But thank you very much for your encouragement. Thank you for following my Blog.


  2. What a great picture. I don’t think anyone loved the snow more than Aunt Arden.


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