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Live Life so you never have to say," I should have..." I have lived like this, because at age 9, I was brutally beaten while walking to school and acquired a head injury with a seizure disorder and a lifetime of recovery. I live in spite of what everyone believed I would become. You wouldn't know any of this if you saw me or spoke to me. we are some of the many anonymous people living with disabilities in the world. I am a writer and an avid observer of the human condition and I have found that people with TBI are some of the most misunderstood and under funded groups of people with disabilities, I want to change that. I have advocated for people's rights for most of my life years in the human service field and I'm trying to make a difference through education. I hope to inspire people to live well against all odds and the status quo. Be Unique and be who you are and not who others want you to be. Be FREE!

At 50 Living With Purpose

At 50 Living With Purpose.

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At 50 Living With Purpose

I have to say,” WOW I actually turned 50!!!!” FIFTY can you believe it? After all, the odds have been against me all this time, a milestone that I never thought I would achieve. I never imagined I would live … Continue reading

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Epilepsy Sucks!!!

This Story is written very well and this is such a very real account of what others experience when their loved one has a Seizures I had to reblog it. Amy L. Kratz

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The Beaten Path: Seizures

Originally posted on Epilepsy Awareness Squad:
The Beaten Path: Seizures by Amy L. Kratz      On September 13, 1973, I was a child that took the same shortcut we always walked to school and I never arrived at school that…

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Started the week awesome!!

Originally posted on My Fall to Life. Life after a Traumatic Brain Injury:
This week I was attempting to turn the page and become the most bad ass awesome guy that I know I can be. I was trying to…

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Driving =Freedom

    I started writing my memoir the year I received my long awaited driver’s license because it made me feel FREE. I had never experienced such Freedom before I had to rely on my ability to ride a bicycle … Continue reading

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After my head injury I had learn how to: walk, speak, write, run, and everything having to do with coordination; all over again.  This took years of work, frustration, and tears. Many of us take these things for granted but … Continue reading

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The Dance of Our Youth

Listening to Train “Hey Soul Sister” makes me think of the 80’s when we would go out all night dancing at the Renegade a gay bar in Rehoboth, Delaware where we would dance until 3:00 am. We loved going there … Continue reading

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Coming Home , The Beaten Path

There is irony for me in leaving Sussex County for 14 years and now being home again. I have grown to realize that the only way to move on was to go backwards, or so it seemed at first. I … Continue reading

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The Things We Could Get Into

Photo 1: Amy and Dawn 1967 on Swifty Lewes, DE Photo 2: Paul, Pam Faust, Amy and Dawn on Swifty I was a fun loving, active, little kid and ornery as hell. I was a tomboy in the biggest way … Continue reading

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